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Tandoori style halloumi and veggie skewers on the BBQ

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Isolation means that the options are fewer, but nothing beats a veggie skewer!

This beautiful sunny weather has got us thinking of summer and what better way to celebrate than with a BBQ. Halloumi is our all time favourite to grill as it goes really crispy on the outside with a fluffy centre. This spicy recipe will have you salivating for and forgetting all about the tandoori chicken of your past.

The Recipe

Serves: 8 skewers

Prep time: 1 hr

Cook time: 10mins


For the skewers

1 courgette, cut into 2cm slices

2 red peppers, cut into 2cm chunks

1 block halloumi, cut into 2cm cubes

8 wooden skewer sticks

For the marinade

4 tbsp greek yoghurt

2 garlic cloves, crushed

4 cm piece ginger, grated

1 ½ tsp cumin

1 ½ tsp garam masala

1 tsp turmeric

1 tsp chilli powder


  1. Make sure you have soaked the wooden skewers in water for at least 30minutes but this can be done while the vegetables and cheese are marinating.

  2. Combine the marinade ingredients until they are well mixed and season with salt and pepper.

  3. Coat the vegetables and halloumi cubes in the marinade and leave them to soak in the flavours in the fridge for at least 1 hr.

  4. Thread the vegetables and cheese onto the skewers in equal proportions, adding any extras to the end of the skewers, making sure not to overload them.

  5. Heat up the BBQ and grill to your desire, normally about 10 minutes. Make sure to turn the skewers so they are equally cooked on all sides.

  6. Plate up with your choice of relish, I would recommend a mint chutney!

  7. Serve and enjoy!


*You can also use tofu as a replacement for the halloumi, just make sure to press the liquid out with a heavy weight before cutting it into cubes.

*The greek yoghurt can be substituted for single cream or crème fraîche, or soya cream if you are vegan.


*Make sure you cut the vegetables and cheese into equal and relatively large chunks so that they don’t fall apart on the BBQ and cook at a relatively equal consistency.

*Make sure to thread the skewer through the centre of the vegetables and cheese so that they don’t fall off the skewer too easily. Make sure to handle them with care as they can be fragile.

*We think the skewers are best served alongside a herb chutney as the freshness is a nice contrast to the chargrilled spice from the BBQ.

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